Business Travel

Barbados – A Superyacht Destination!

If only corporate travel weren’t such a drag on productivity….

International corporate travel has burgeoned in recent years, yet its sophistication hasn’t kept pace. Corporate travel is still left too much to chance, and bought expensively. Travel desks continue to wade in a flood of information. Since only cookie-cutter options are visible to them, they often have to compromise on the traveler’s priorities. The traveler is even stranded on arrival at times due to over-booking by the hotel. What’s worse, overbooked or not, way too much is often paid for the selected accommodation! Holiday World changes all that.
A small group of 10 CEOs or a huge conference of 3000 delegates, Holiday World will give you a tailor made package to remember and cherish for a long time. No matter where you choose to be, Holiday World will ensure complete customer satisfaction in terms of quality, service and price.
Conferences, conventions, meetings, cocktail dinners ... u name it ... we've done it !! ... and done it with Great Style. Not only do we make arrangements for business delegates but we also ensure quality leisure time for their families (if they accompany their spouses). An eye for detail and a professional team at Holiday World ensures that "YOU the customer" gets exactly what you need !!
Barbados – A Superyacht Destination!